Shopping in Jesus Lane

Jesus lane is a street in central Cambridge and links with the junction of Bridge Street and the Sidney Street. Jesus Lane which is an ancient route that gave access to the Nunnery of St Mary and St Radegund on which the Jesus College Cambridge is founded.  The Jesus College which gives the lane its name is located on the north side of the street. One of the best domestic buildings in Cambridge is the Little Trinity on the Jesus lane. There is also the Sidney Sussex College on the Jesus lane which is situated on the south of the lane on the western end fronting onto Sidney Street. There is also the Methodist theological college and Wesley House. All Saints Jewry, were originally St. John’s street which was rebuilt in 1820 and then demolished in 1865 is situated to the west of the Jesus Lane. There is also the mediaeval church, All Saints Jewry which was originally situated in the St. John’s Street which is to the west of Jesus Lane.

The All Saints which was rebuilt in 1820 and then demolished in 1865 was designed by the Victorian architect is one of the best examples of the Victorian churches in the area which is now situated in the Jesus Lane. The high presence of shopping stalls, hotels archeological sites which has been a great tourist attraction has made shopping on the Jesus Lane to gain much more popularity. Presence of the tours and guides are very willing to take visitors on the Jesus Lane around help the visitors on the best places and items they can shop for and never think or any regrets in their purchases. There also also top class hotels and coffee restaurants where visitors can have a rest while on their shopping tour on the Jesus Lane.

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